Boston/ Los Angeles

Renee-Creative Director | Model | Photographer

I have been working with Ivana since my senior year of high school. Before I met Ivana, for many years, I struggled with body image issues that followed me everywhere and heavily creeped into my art as a dancer as well. The first time we did a photoshoot together, I could tell she carried a wholesome, nourishing energy. It was like a breath of fresh air. 

Through the years we did creative shoots, prom shoots, a special graduation shoot, and many more through many seasons. There was always one thing that stood out the most with all of our shoots; Ivana made me feel the most ME and the most beautiful version of me. Her love of photography and her subjects inspired me in so many creative ways. She ensured such an enhancing, uplifting environment that allowed me to feel comfortable in front of the camera again. Ivana had a great impact on my modeling journey, where I walked in New York Fashion Week 2021 and LA fashion week 2022 along with other photoshoots in between. Not only was I the subject of her photoshoots, but Ivana also allowed me to dip my toes into the behind the scenes of photography as well. I worked as her assistant, posing the models, understanding lighting and good usage of props, which is where she inspired me to find my love of photography as well. I am grateful to have met such an incredibly soul and I cherish everything I have learned from her.