Connecting with Nature

I recently co-hosted a spiritual entrepreneurial networking event with Liz Disterhoft— a sort of a marketing/networking event with a spiritual twist.

We met on location at beautiful wooded outdoor space that was filled with light and healing energy. We were lucky to have a warm day in November, surrounded by autumn light and the beautiful fall colors New England has to offer this time of year. 

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Healing Circle of Fire

Upon arrival at the event, the energy was a little unsettled, you could feel that it was a little awkward since most didn’t really know one another. It reminded me of a school dance where everyone felt a little uncomfortable at first.

As the event began, we sat in a circle in front of a huge fireplace. The circle representing oneness and connectivity to each other, and the fire representing strength and power.

We are all connected!


As we continued to learn a little more about each other by sharing little glimpses into each other’s experiences and our hopes and dreams, the energy began to change. We began to realize that were are all not so different, that even though our experiences might be unique to us the feelings we share are pretty similar.

We started putting our intentions out in the universe by each placing a log in the fire and letting the flames take it away. By speaking it, putting your awareness on it, and surrendering it to the universe it was a powerful message in believing and letting go. 

Shortly after this, I began to take everyone’s headshots. If we had done this at the beginning of the event the images would of been very different. They would of been cold, posed, standard, and low energy.  

But that’s not at all what happened, you could feel the connection we had all just experienced. You could feel that vibration had elevated and the images reflected that. The connection to the earth, their surroundings, and to me, the photographer was palpable. 

I could feel the energy of some, who came in with sadness and trauma, was lessened by the experience. I saw sparks of joy and laughter come though every image.

That day, for a moment in time, those souls sitting in a circle were connected as one


After the headshots were completed, we reunited in a circle for group shots. This time it felt like we had gone on a journey together. We felt the connection even stronger than the strangers who had just met a few hours before. For a few moments in time we were all one.

As we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, the feeling of joy and accomplishment came over me. I said to my self I want to do more of this.

Host a Headshot Event!

If you would like to host your own Marketing/Networking/Pop up Headshot event, please send me a message and I will provide you with additional information.