How To Show Your Personality in Brand Photos

To me, brand photos are all about conveying your personality. Whether you’re the brand or it’s a company/service you’ve started, a branding session is all about capturing the essence of you and what you want to share with the world. 

Think about colors that speak to you, scenes and places that feel important to you, activities and emotions that you feel capture what your brand is — all of these things go into a successful branding session! 


Colors evoke emotion. Think about what colors represent you and your brand — and I don’t just mean your hex codes or color palettes in Canva. You chose your brands colors because they spoke to you. Why bright red? What was the inspiration behind the warm yellows or cool blue tones you picked? What do the colors say to you. Colors can inspire your wardrobe choices, location preferences, and much more! Tell me about your favorite colors and what colors you feel matter to your brand and we will use that as the basis of your session. 

Scenes and Locations

Obvious example, you’re a yoga instructor, the location is a yoga studio, the scene is you doing yoga. But let’s go a little deeper for a minute, what scenes define your brand, your specific style or approach to yoga, therapy, hairdressing, etc! Does the timeless and simple calm of a beach setting capture your brand’s energy, or maybe your brand feels more like an elegant woodland scene. 

It can be as a simple as “I’m a dentist and want some shots in my office,” to “I am a practitioner of mystic healing practices and want my branding session to reflect divine beauty and grace!” 

It’s your session, it’s your brand, take some time to think about WHAT and WHERE feels like your brand. 


Lastly, how should we stage your session. What do you want to be doing, riding a bicycle? Surfing your laptop at the library with a coffee in hand? Cooking in your kitchen? What’s your brand! What do you do! This is very similar to scenes and locations, but think about some activities, actions, etc that define you and define your brand.

Pricing & Packages

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Package 1

Single Retouched Image


Package 2

Package 2

3 Digital Image Files


Package 3

Package 3

5 Digital Images

Pricing & Packages

Bundle Package

Up to 2 Hours of Shooting

On Location - meaning we can select an outdoor location or I can set up shop at your office or home

20 high-resolution images selected from online gallery


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In summary, put all of these things together and you have your session, my brand is bright red, drinking coffee by the fireplace. My brand is warm yellow, wandering carelessly through a field of wildflowers. My brand is stark, classic, neutral tones, professional, no frills or surprises.

Whatever your brand is, I will help you capture it!